Who. What. Why.

Faithful Bull is a Huntsville video production company. We’re small, it’s true, but don’t let our size fool you. Faithful Bull serves clients of all shapes and sizes–from the smallest nonprofits to million and billion dollar organizations, those local and across the globe. No matter the size or nature of the organization the quality of our work remains the same. We dedicate ourselves to producing videos that are effective, affective, honest, simple, and beautiful.

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Where does the name come from?

A short story Ernest Hemingway wrote for a friend inspired the name Faithful Bull. The story is about a bull who is faithful to his bull nature. Consequently, when the bull is put in the ring, he gives the matador the best fight of his career. After much sweat and blood, when the fight has ended, the matador honors the bull for its excellence. He removes his cap and says, “If we could all be so faithful.”

For us the faithful bull is a symbol of working with excellence to the very end. We strive to embody that ethic in all we do.