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Southern Productions Branding


Southern Seminary’s media department called upon Faithful Bull to create a set of “bumpers” for them. These bumpers are essentially the same idea as the animate logos one sees at the beginning of a 20th Century Fox film, or any other studio film. Bumpers help to identify the media’s author, strike a certain tone, and maintain consistency even amongst diverse projects.

The idea behind the bumpers was to honor Southern’s long legacy while maintaining a clean, modern feel. We also wanted to convey the serious academic atmosphere of Southern Seminary and Boyce College, both of which share the same campus.

Additionally, these bumpers had to have a Swiss Army Knife quality–capable of being manipulated and used for essentially any project. To explain: What looks like a lot of meaningless blank space at the end is actually purposeful. We left enough visual blank space as well as “blank” time to allow the editors space to insert calls to action and copyright information. The extra time allows the editor the freedom to cut or fade out exactly when he or she wants. Also, the bumper is designed to be modular; it can be split into two shorter bumpers, with a white flash as a convenient place to cut. The bumper was designed with the editors in mind. Ultimately, we wanted Southern Productions to have a useful product; we wanted them to use these bumpers in as many ways as possible for as long as possible.

Faithful Bull worked with Southern Seminary through several iterations of the bumpers, some of which can be seen here. The results were very pleasing. We gave the media department a fresh identity, while respecting the history and current identity of the institution.

Working Draft: Southern Seminary

Working Draft: Boyce College


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