Who. What. Why.

Faithful Bull exists to produce videos for organizations of all sizes who want to build relationships with their audience with effective, affective, honest, and beautifully produced content. We’re about connecting people, moving people by telling stories, and communicating with intelligence, clarity, and heart.

Faithful Bull is a small company, it’s true. But don’t let our size fool you: we consistently serve clients of all shapes and sizes, from the smallest nonprofit, to million and billion dollar organizations. No matter the size of the organization we’re serving, the quality of our work remains the same.

Faithful Bull is a Cincinnati video production company dedicated to creating quality video production. From corporate and commercial, to training and technical, to nonprofit and promotional videos, Faithful Bull creates videos with consistent excellence. Contact us today to talk about your next project.


Faithful Bull Productions Inc. is owned by Adam Hildebrand. Hildebrand has been involved with video production for well over a decade. Former media director for Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, Hildebrand has years of experience producing media for internationally known ministries, conferences, nonprofits, and corporations. Hildebrand oversaw and executed all the media for Grace Community Church’s website. Additionally, Hildebrand executed promotional and in-conference media for both the Resolved and Shepherd’s conferences (2007–2010 and 2006–2010 respectively). Recently, Hildebrand has produced media for DOWNLITE, one of America’s largest manufacturers of down bedding, and has partnered with Muñoz Agency to produce promotional media for the Anthony Muñoz Foundation. More recent clients include Colorado tech company Oscium, Gilkey Window Co., and the Mayo Clinic.

Where does the name come from?

The name Faithful Bull is inspired by a short story Ernest Hemingway wrote for a friend. The story is about a bull who is faithful to his bull nature; consequently, when he is put in the ring with the matador he gives the matador the best fight of his career. At the end of the fight, after much sweat and blood, the matador can’t help but honor the bull for its excellence.

For us the faithful bull is a symbol of a singular focus on performing with excellence to the very end. We strive to embody that symbol in all our work.