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Expositors Summit


The core of this promotional video for Southern Seminary’s Expositor’s Summit was shot on the same day as the Resolute Conference promotional video. Southern Seminary’s president, Al Mohler, has an extremely tight schedule, and we had to fit in the shoot between his other appointments. Preparation and flexibility was key. We had to be ready for him when he was ready for us. One delay, one mistake could upset the entire day and potentially ruin the shoot.

However, with the experience of Faithful Bull founder, Adam Hildebrand, we were ready for Dr. Mohler when he arrived. The shoot was a success, and we were able to get Dr. Mohler in and out of the shoot on schedule. We spent the morning before Dr. Mohler arrived and the afternoon after his arrival shooting the b-roll of one of Southern’s oldest and most beautiful chapels. All the b-roll of the Expositor’s Summit was shot by Hildebrand weeks before our shoot with Dr. Mohler. The result is a visually cohesive and emotionally evocative piece.


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